Gathering #1: Summary.

Gathering song #1‫زياد سحاب – ما انا بحب الرواق‬‎

– Last Friday, the 25th, we gathered at Aya’s studio with a new comer, who will surely join us more often, Mohamed Gaber.

Basic info:

Hates: Hosni Mubarak.

Best feature: Adorable smile! (Awww..)

Thinks that: art is all about experimenting and playing around, freely.

Masturbates to: Yasmine Hamdan.

It was probably one of the best weekends ever! The entire atmosphere was energetic. We worked on two pieces, fully designed by Gaber. We also gave him a dose of Alexandria…

أكلنا سدق (مش سجق), راكبنا الترام أم دورين وشربنا واحد (ودع اهلك) من سلامس, ولو ماتعرفوش, سلامس ده محل بتاع عصير (المفروض) بيقدم حاجات فريدة من نوعها زي رضعة الذكاء ورضعة الاكتئاب وعصير يوم الخميس (أديله !) وعصير القرد في الكورة الجلد, حاجات كده يعني, والحمد لله إن في مستشفى في المنطقة

First artwork:

While doing the piece, a kid passed by and kept watching us then said “شكلكم من 90 دقيقة وعايزين توسخوا سمعة البيت بيتك”

Second artwork:

والصبع ده كان رد جابر على تعليمات آية

While doing this piece, we were stopped by the police. The officer kept talking with us for a while, he actually agreed to let us finish the artwork, but threatened us to be put in troubles if he saw any other pieces around.

الظابط: يا حمادة, الفن له معارض وحاجات جميلة كده يتحط فيها…حاجات بتنور! (نفسي اعرف إيه الحاجات اللي بيتنور أنا دي!) وكمان كن مع الفن إيه بس؟ هو احنا أصلا عندنا فن

عيل اهبل في الشارع: كن مع الفن؟ هاهاها أنا بحب الرأس الشرقي (وهزله هزة كده) هاها

Gaber’s comment on L.S.A

truly i loved u guys loved the energy u have and was really honored to be with u and would be sooo honored to be always with u ,,,

-loved your energy Aya even when u try to get angry at some loser’s ass 😀

-Loved the kindness and angel face u show Sara -please stop torturing Ragab :@ – u r an amazing gurl

-Ragab 7abeb albe 😀 i fuckin missin u and wont say i love u 3ashan manetfehemsh ghalat wel 7ad menena som3a 😛

keep it up guys!


I have no idea why Gaber asked me to stop torturing Ragab. All I did was mess around with the cutter a little bit. *coughs*

L.S.A with Gaber.

7 Responses to “Gathering #1: Summary.”

  1. Mo-ayad Says:

    ma7addesh alli leh?!…..

  2. Guebara Says:

    and this is the best documenting ever happened for any artistic action the history of this planet 😀
    And you are soo DEAD just wait till i see you Sara 😀

    Love you Guys and keep up the great spirit

  3. Gathering #1 with L.S.A. at Gaberism – جابريزم Says:

    […] While doing this piece, we were stopped by the police. The officer kept talking with us for a while,… […]

  4. ahmed Says:

    كن مع الفن فعلا
    أدى له

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