Gathering #2: Summary

Gathering song: محمد منير – دايرة الرحلة

For the past two days, Ragab and I, worked on two pieces in several places around Alexandria. Sadly, Aya wasn’t with us this time; she has been in Bahrain for the past week and is finally coming tomorrow. We talked about how much we both miss her, more than actually working! = (

First piece:

It was really difficult getting the uncolored piece done, because we were working, early in the afternoon, in (Wust El-balad) where all college/governmental institutions are. We really enjoyed working on the colored one, though! The guys in a near-by store bought us drinks and asked us to do more artworks beside and in front of their store.

An uncolored piece.

حيوان الرجب

The colored piece.


Second piece:

This one isn’t done mainly as a street art piece. It’s a part of an artwork which will be done for a book, I am working on. (supposedly)

غرباء فى هذا العالم

& Finally, this.

This picture has to do with the post, as much as the English translation in the poster has to do with the Arabic title.

Thanks for reading!

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